Shikiso by Diario de Estilo ELLE

Shikiso by Diario de Estilo ELLE

Shikiso Color Line, the new colour line by Trendyhair
«Some years ago, we were in Kyoto, discovering its romantic places with some old friends. They showed us their culture, dress and the atmosphere surrounding all of the endless corners in Japan. 

»We discovered the tea ceremony with its holistic elements and the skill involved in the geishas’ showcase. It was an incredible experience. Those designs immediately evoked the romanticism of a very faraway era in us. 

»The adventure in Japan showed us the essence of the ancient power. When we returned to Barcelona, inspired by these original shapes, we created a brand thus capturing its timeless elegance. Trendyhair

Trendyhair turned this inspirational world into a reality through its beauty rituals. And that’s how it all began.

Working with a formula base don pure Keratin + Japanese Ginseng + Actiscent perfume, the brand makes prestigious hair care products inspired by Japanese alchemy.

Their latest hair care line is called Shikiso Color Line and it has a wide range of hair care cosmetics: 

Bain Shikiso, a shampoo formulated with the Shikiso raw material in order to maintain the colour for 10 washes. It contains Keratin, Ginseng and Antiscent perfume, and its use protects colour-treated or pre-lightened hair from external aggressors.

Lait Shikiso, an ultra-light conditioner that is also formulated with Shikiso, Keratin, Ginseng and Actiscent perfume. It brings out the pigments in colour-treated or pre-lightened hair, leaving it looking smooth and shiny.

Mask Shikiso, a hair mask especially formulated for colour-treated, highlighted or pre-lightened hair that maintains the colour for 10 washes. It contains a UV filter in order to protect the hair, Keratin, Ginseng and Actiscent perfume to give it an extra shot of hydration and maintain its shine.

Let’s sum it all up. The benefits of this line of products include: hydration, repair, UV protection, colour fixing, and in addition it maintains the colour pigments for 10 washes.

Like every line of hair care cosmetics by Trendyhair, the brand has created the Shikiso Travelclass Kit. It’s a 3-step ritual so as to maintain a perfect colour wherever you go thanks to the active Japanese ingredients in the shampoo, conditioner and hair mask for colour-treated, highlighted or pre-lightened hair types.

Congratulations for the award you were given at the Finat European Competition! The packaging really deserves it because of its exceptional nature. ‘Congrats’, Trendyhair.

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