To develope hair care products and therapies goes far away than a simple keratin treatment. To give back to hair its natural appealing, regenerating the outside keratin layer and stimulating the new proteins creation. In its external the hair looks with natural shine, eliminating the frizz and taming curls. This is what causes the final effect of a cosmetic, shiny, hydrated and without weight hair. Furthermore than the cosmetic and visible effects, from the first application, our products are also a solution to scalp problems such as the hair loss during the change of season.  

Our Keratin, Ginseng and Actiscent treatment, is the result of lots of years of investigation and study in the selection of our raw materials; our point of view based on a memory and a tribute to the japanese alchemy applied to hair, that we interpret such as unic experience designed exclusivelly  for hair salons. (7 benefits in 7 minutes).