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The ritual_ trendyhair / gigs united.

The perfect ritual is based in the japanese ancestral tea ceremony, we take this ritual and become into a unic experience for the client in the salon. Cha, chasen, chasentate, chapan, chawan and chasaku are the holistic elements used by the geishas to serv the tea, we take these elements and performed them bespoke as stunning hair beauty elements. We bring the essence of japan to the most luxury hair beauty salons around the world.


En Trendyhair elaboramos productos y terapias capilares para los salones más exclusivos del mundo: tratamientos que aportan elasticidad, protección, hidratación y reparación al cabello seco o dañado. La mejor fórmula para mantener el brillo y el cabello con movimiento.  Hemos creado una nano célula basada en la alquimia ancestral japonesa con tres ingredientes que definen nuestra marca: Keratina, Ginseng  y Actiscent parfum. El resultado un lujo para el cabello. La fórmula original de Trendyhair está creada por expertos en belleza capilar.


Some years ago, we were in kioto, wandering through their romantic places with our old friends. They showed us their culture, customs and all the environment around the infinity corners of japan. Suddenly, we felt through our wires the tea ceremony with its holistic elements and the drama performed by the geishas. It was an awesome experience. These beautiful designs inmediately evoked the romanticism of an era from a long time ago. The adventure in japan showed us the essence of ancestral power. When we arrived to barcelona, we went after those original crafters. And created a brand which captured the elegance and timelessness.